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Your Home: How Color And Painting Makes A Difference

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Most people would like to feel proud of their home, and promises. However, not everyone has the time, money, resources and / or imagination, to get the most desirable results! While some people focus on making their house a showcase, others try to make it best serve their needs, purposes, and personal situation. In either case, however, one's choices of colors, attention to painting and proper maintenance (actual and preventive), often makes a significant difference. This article will briefly discuss 5 reasons / purposes / objectives, for clearly keeping color – choice, and proper painting, foremost in one's considerations.

1. Exhibit your personality / make it your own: Do you want to live in some sort of cookie – cutter? Do you know what will meet your purposes? How will you maintain the proper / best balance of exhibiting your personality and making it your own, while maintaining the highest potential, when you go to sell? When making these types of decisions, will you know what your personal plans are? Do you plan to stay in this house for a while, or is this a short – term stay? If you plan to move soon, focus on things which enhance the perceived value, for others? If you plan on remaining for a while, subtly introduce color, hues, and personal, well – considered Touches, and nuances.

2. Clean / fresh: No matter how well you maintain your home, and how neat and clean, you may be, you will need to paint on a regular schedule. Painting makes a house clean and fresh, provides pride in ownership, and maintains both the interior and exterior of your house, properly!

3. Coordinated colors / themes: Is the color of your front door, welcoming and warm, saying to others, you care, or it drab and entirely traditional? Studies indicate that when one makes his door a warm color, such as yellow or light blue, it makes the house stand out, in a positive, exceptional way. How will you offset the shutters, so it makes a positive statement? Look in magazines, speak to designers, and balance your inner personality, with good taste!

4. Indoors and outdoors: What's the first impression one gets out of your house, as they drive up to it? Is the paint neat, or is it peeling and / or dirty? What's the appearance of the entry foyer, etc? Does your home and its paint, and colors, say something positive or negative, about it?

5. Doors / windows / shutters: Doors usually take the most abuse, and then, often show the most wear and tear! Make a bold, friendly, welcoming statement, by how you paint and color your doors! Be sure that all painted areas around windows are cleaned, painted, and freshened, on a regular basis. Make your shutters invoke a positive statement, rather than being merely an after – thought!

Maintaining one's house is perhaps the least expensive, yet often, one of the most essential forms of insurance, etc. Take advantage of painting and how colors are used, to get the most bang – for – your – buck!

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