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The HEART Of A Home

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The most important aspect of a home, is, often, a rather, individual thing, because we all are individuals, with specific needs, preferences, priorities, and situations. However, regardless of which consideration, might be considered, most important, it's relevant to individually, consider, the HEART of a home, and pay keen attention, during the house – hunting, transaction, and process. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key considerations, etc.

1. Heat; heath: Home Buyers should have a professional, inspect, carefully, all aspects, related to the condition, operations and efficiencies of the HVAC , or Heating – Ventilation – Air Conditioning, systems. Inefficient systems waste energy, may be unhealthy (without the vents, are clean and pure), and excessively costly, to use, and maintain. How old is the system, and are there any weaknesses, and / or areas of stress, which may end – up, creating major expenditures, and other inconveniences. Is the house, green, in terms of environmental considerations, etc? What is the monthly, average cost of operating, and are there, air – leaks, and other inefficiencies?

2. Education; environment: Are there any environmental challenges / obstacles, which may indicate health issues, either in the home, on the property, or, in the area? Areas to examine, include: environmental waste; asbestos; dangerous toxins, such as Radon, or landfill, or toxic plumes ; etc. Pay attention to the ratings, and quality of the school system, because your family describes the best, and, education, and schools, are major influencers on selling prices, now, and in the future.

3. Area: Objectively, casually, walk around the area, including the block, neighborhood, and immediate surrounding area. Do the positives, significantly, outweigh the weaknesses? Why would you enjoy living in that location?

4. Region: Is this region, considered, relatively safe, and have, a lower, than average, crime rate? Is it convenient, to those things, you want and need, including transportation, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, etc? If you are moving into a new region, will you be happy, with the local climate? It's always better, to be, safe / cautious, than surprised, after you purchase the house!

5. Transportation: Is mass transportation, important to you, in the near, and / or, foreseeable future? Is this location, convenient to roads and highways, while far – enough, away, to avoid excessive noise, etc? Does it fit your needs, and will this factor, probably, be a pro, or con , in terms of resale values?

Always consider, carefully, and thoroughly, the HEART of a potential home, before you purchase it! Potential, qualified home – buyers, should, do, all they possibly can, to protect what, for most of us, is our single – biggest, financial investment!

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