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The Features of the Apple MC374LL / A

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Buying a laptop that suits your needs is no mean feat. The APPLE MC374LL / A is the latest Mac book on the market. This is one extra machine for the anyone looking for a functional machine with great portable features.

With its release in April 2010, expectations were very high. When you take a first look at this machine, you will sense how sturdy it is, as it was with all its prerequors.

This little beauty is very well constructed and has a very elegant look to it, but beauty is definitely not all we want in a laptop so looking at what is hiding inside is the next step. The Apple features like a 2.4 GHz Intel core 2-duo processor., Which makes this small machine extremely fast. It is faster than any laptop of its particular size. Where the screen is concerned, this Mac book comes with a 13.3-inch screen, which is great for those who prefer a more portable PC. The screen also has great resolution.

If you travel quite a bit and need a laptop that is compact and very portable then this Mac book is the ideal option for you. The fact that the screen is smaller makes for better portability. The battery life has been increased to approximately ten hours. This makes it possible to work where you like and you do not need to be near an n electrical socket for quite a while. This is even an improvement on the Mac book that saw the light a year ago. In addition, no other laptop on the market has battery life of this kind.

The Apple MC74LL / A is worth your while if it is a sturdy, light, thin machine with a great memory of 4 GB, and a 250 MB of ram hard drive you are looking for.

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