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Sony VAIO VPCZ12AHX Review – A Very Powerful, High End Ultra-Portable Notebook From Sony

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The first impression when opening our new Sony VAIO VPCZ12AHX's box was that of sheer power. Depending due to its size – 12.4 by 1.3 by 8.3- and weight – just a little over 3 lbs. However, since we do not rate our electronics after size and weight, we proceed with our extensive tests. And the results placed it in our top 10 laptops of the year list! Let's see what the Sony VAIO VPCZ12AHX has to offer to its users and why it managed to rank so high in our tests.

First, its CPU (central processing unit), an Intel Core 620M i7, working at a front side bus (FSB) of 2.66 GHz (although by using its integrated Turbo Boost technology, users can have their processors go up to 3.33 GHz) and on an L3 cache of 4 MB is amazing! Simply mentioning the term Intel Core i7 should give you an idea of ​​its potential. We were really impressed by its 512 GB (2 units of 256 GB each) Serial ATA solid state drive (SSD). It clearly has the edge over its competitors here! The Intel High Definition sound system is modest but manages to output loud and clear sound. Music enthusiasts should enjoy it. There is also plenty of memory, 8 GB (coming as 2 sticks of 4 GB in size) DDR3 random access memory working at a FSB of no less than 1066 MHz, to be more precise. Unfortunately, this is the maximum limit, so power users will not be able to upgrade.

Sony VAIO VPCZ12AHX's Nvidia GeForce GT 330 M video card (featuring an Intel HD graphic chip) ranked pretty high in our tests. It uses 1 gigabyte of dedicated VRAM and the comes with the DHG (dynamic hybrid graphics) system included, so game enthusiasts can have fun without feeling any decrease in frames per second (FPS) rates. One of this notebook's best features is the 13.1 inch LED backlit display, capable of supporting a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, full HD. The graphics are simply amazing – clear, bright, and sharp!

Aside the features presented above, the Sony VAIO VPCZ12AHX also has a lot of other useful and interesting additions, like the built in stereo Bluetooth, biometric fingerprint sensor (for that extra security you are looking for), electrostatic touch pad (featuring the thought- after multi finger capability), Verizon Wireless mobile broadband, PRO (both STD and Duo capability) memory stick slot, integrated camera with face tracking capacity and included microphone, and a Blu-ray drive which supports both read and write operations.

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