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New Contact Meeting

We at 5G Summit 2020 have arranged an exclusive Lounge where the new meetings can happen without any disturbance. Yes, the New Meeting hall will be kept open for all the delegates in-order to establish new meetings and discussions. We will also be happy to hear if a new vendor capability is judged and new business is generated out of this platform.

Yes, we are confident that at least 1 New Contact would have been established out of this Summit even if your representative is idle. The program is planned in such a way that new contacts are concentrated post lunch every day.

Post Lunch for 30 minutes, nothing goes into mind which makes to think. Only casual words enter, which doesn’t need processing.

We advise all the representative to carry a minimum of 100 Business Cards to be exchanged at the 5G Summit. Yes, we can help you in organizing business Cards digitally, also try for the networking tools “GET CLUBBED” which can increase the potential of the business relationships.