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iTorch Imp52d – The Versatile iTorch IMP52D

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The Versatile iTorch IMP52D

Smartphones and tables are amazing devices. It seems every day you can find new things to do with the devices outside of making simple phone calls. It can be used to entertain yourself or kids with a myriad of games. It can be used to check your email and stay in touch. It can be used for a word processor or to collect voice notes at a moment's notice. But, all of that comes with a limit. There are times where you will find your battery life coming to an end as you see that percentage dropping down further and further. But, there is a solution, and that is the iTorch IMP52d external battery.

This device will charge your smart phone or tablet when you are in a location when there is no availability to plug your device into a wall or car outlet. With the iTorch IMP52D, you can charge your phones multiple times before it needs a charge itself. You can expect to charge an iPhone about 3 times, for example, before the iTorch needs to be recharged. It is compatible with most smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Razr, Samsung Nexus, Blackberry Tour, and all of the iPhone line. It will also work with many tablets like the iPad, Nook, Kindle, Samsung Note, Google Nexus and iPod. It will also work with portable game consoles like the Sony PS and Nintendo DS. Some of the devices will need a special cable to work with the iTorch, but it can be provided if requested.

The iTorch is comprised of a lithium ion polymer battery that has a capacity of 5200 mAh3.7V. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the iTorch to be used with your devices. It weighs less than 5 oz. so it is very portable.

The iTorch also includes a flash light and laser pointer. They are much easier to access than the flash light in some devices like the iPhone. It will take away some of your battery life if you use them, but they can be handy additions to this device.

The reviews of the product are high across the board. Many people remark about the versatility of the product, and that it meets their expectations of being able to power the devices. Many users like the portability of the unit as well. It will easily fit in your pocket and does not take up much room in a bag for travel either.

The iTorch IMP52D external battery is a great idea for anyone that uses a smart phone or tablet a great deal. It extends the battery life, and can help out when you do not have access to the home or car charger. There is nothing worse than needing to make a phone call and knowing the phone will probably die on your right as you make the call. With this device, that concern will no longer be an issue. And, with the added features of a flashlight and laser light, this is one handy device.

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