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Free Laptops For Military

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So you are a soldier and want Free Laptops For Military. While you are doing your good deed for your country, you also are not paid that well, and like most people, you need new and fast electronics too! I have many family members that are in the military as well, so I wanted to help you guys out, even if I do not know you personally.

Sometimes you can find deals online that allow you to "test" products out. The problem with these is that it may take awhile for you to see any progress on them at all. I have received some electronics for free this way, but I do not really recommend them anymore. Although I did recently see that Microsoft wave away 500 laptops for people to test various windows programs. Sounds like a sweet deal does not it?

The way I recommend to get free laptops for military personnel is to fill out surveys online. These typically require information on you and your shopping habits. They need to figure out the human brain better to better understand how to market to these individuals. This information is worth its weight in gold to these companies, and in turn they offer free computers or other fun toys to entice people to complete them. Like I said, these are pretty simply. You just need to enter your correct information, and some do require a home address, as mailing to military bases is a bit of the pain in the butt. After you enter your information, you need to just complete the survey.

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