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Five Superior Home Security Options for Those With Elderly Parents

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When it comes to helping out with one's parents, the amount of work that one ends up doing starts to add up as the years go on. And one of the largest concerns that grows-ups have about their older mothers and fathers is whether or not it is a feasible idea to allow them to continue to live alone. For those who are not located in the same city as their parents, this can be an even more stressful decision to make. After all, not being right down the street really does do a major number on whether or not it feels feasible to just run down the street if something goes wrong, or if it looks like there's something more needed when it comes to home security and peace of mind. From Virginia Beach to more rural locales, it's a serious concern of growing up.

Those looking for a little extra help can definitely figure out particular home security systems that do a superior job at keeping things under control and well-managed, or make changes around the space that ensures there is less of a chance that things might go wrong. Here are five of the better options that make people feel calm with elderly parents living on their own.

# 1 – Consider helpful devices for two-story homes. For those who are constantly making their way up and down stairs while trying to manage a cane or a walker, it can be incredibly stressful and potentially dangerous. While not moving is not a good idea, it's also not so smart to always have only the walking option. Consider installing a chair lift so that it's possible for older parents to live alone without being in precarious positions, especially later in the evening.

# 2 – Invest in a home alarm system with one-touch response. This is the kind of extra help that actually actually does a superior job at helping out. With a one-touch button that can be worn comfortably around one's neck, it becomes possible to instantly have help on the way in case of any sort of emergency, without needing to reach a phone for dialing 911. It's definitely one of the best forms of assistance that anyone living alone who is older can have.

# 3 – Check out carpets and secure them. Whether it's a rug in a living room or wall to wall carpeting that tends to bundle up near the stairs, it's important for people to pay attention to the surface on which elders are walking. Smart home security is about managing those small details and cutting down on the chance of an accident.

# 4 – Do not advertise the fact that a mom or dad is living alone. Record a voicemail message with a bit of activity in the background, or record it with one's own voice so that a house does not become an obvious target for those who are looking to break into properties where there is not much of a threat.

# 5 – Pay attention to changes in progress. For people who are living far from elderly relatives, it's important to remember that home security is not a fixed thing. It's important to always be checking in on one's parents to ensure that they are still able to handle living alone. So do not let down one's guard, and always be alert as to what the situation is.

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