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Exhibition Overview

One of the most important components of the 5G Summit 2020, the 5GS Expo is an upcoming top trade show in the telecom industry for bringing together the creative products, services and solutions for our suppliers/exhibitors, with the leadership and decision makers who call the shots. 5GS Expo provides the telecom industry with a highly valuable opportunity for face-to-face exposure and interaction with telecom operator executives who are seriously looking for new ideas, products and services that will enhance their network in their locality. Industry-leading exhibitors will gather in Seoul in August 2018 to showcase the newest technologies and most innovative products available in the 5G Network and Mobile industry.

The exhibition at 5G Summit 2020 allows companies to showcase their products and services to more key decision-makers than ever in a state-of-the-art exhibition facility. Here, you can build:

  • Your customer base – generate new business leads and cultivate existing customer relationships
  • Business networks – meet with a veritable Who’s Who of the mobile industry
  • Brand recognition – stand out among your peers in the industry
  • Marketplace understanding – gain greater knowledge of industry players and their roles
  • Research Promotion – with the latest technologies, you can expand your research ability

The 5GS is a cost-efficient and easy way to get new business and renew existing business relationships. Not only during the summit, before the event and after the event also get connected with your peers. Before the event, all the exhibitors will be displayed on the website along with a back-link to the exhibitor’s company website.

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