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About 5G Summit

Attendees will discuss the most challenging issues, obstacles and opportunities that operators must address to efficiently deploy and operate 5G networks, manage the cost of unbridled traffic growth, develop compelling mobile broadband services, capture revenues and generate a return on their 5G infrastructure investments.

5G Summit 2020 will be happening at the Seoul, South Korea and will focus on two key questions:

  • How can operators deploy their 5G network infrastructure with Customer Experience Management solutions to enhance network performance add and unique value with business models that properly monetize OTT services, applications and content?
  • How can operators, technologists, device vendors, OTT service providers, regulators and other stakeholders agree on a strategy to keep pace with the endless appetite for mobile broadband, 10000X traffic growth and provide universal coverage of true 5G @ 1 Gbps, all IP and fully mobile?