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Assured 1-to-1 Meeting

Assured 1-to-1 Meeting is a unique concept which is planned to happen at 5G Summit 2020. In this segment, a directory of contact information will be provided to each and every delegate which has the contact information of the concerned representative delegate. All the delegates will be given with a minute’s speech opportunity to introduce himself and his / her organization.

This gives great information and creates a potential which can be carried for the next 1 year in terms of revenue model operation, joint collaborations and many such. Organizations can send even more than 1 representative to speak in the stage focussing on their products/services. This will be happening early to the summit, probably from 7 AM to 10 AM such that you are not missing the contents of the Summit at any point of time. We highly value your time than anything and we always aim higher to get as much as possible from this 5G Summit 2020.